YouTube Demonetizes Channels with <1000 subscribers &<4000 view hours

YouTube Demonetizes Channels with <1000 subscribers &<4000 view hours

I wrote this blog post in response to YouTube’s Demonetization of Small YouTube Channels

Today, YouTube announced that it will demonetize any-and-all Small YouTube Channels that have not met the requirements of having…

  1. 1000 subscribers
  2. 4000 watch hours (over the last 12 months)

If you run a YouTube Channel and do not meet these requirements you should know by now that you have been demonetized.  Here is the email that YouTube sent me at 10:00PM on 01/16/2018.

YouTube Demonetization Letter

What is the motivation behind YouTube’s latest Monetization Requirements?

The most recent incident that comes to mind is all of the negative press YouTube has received over the Logan Paul Suicide video fiasco.  It’s important to note that Logan Paul has 15 million subscribers.  He was not one of the millions of YouTube Creators with <1000 subscribers.  These new requirements appear to be a knee-jerk reaction that punishes us, the majority of YouTube Creators.  Small YouTube Channels (with <1000 subscribers) make up a majority of the platform.  Yes, YouTube will protect and nurture it’s cash cow creators such as Casey Neistats, PewDiePies, and Logan Paul.  But what YouTube underestimates is the impact Small Creators have when they choose where they upload their videos.

Will YouTube Creators Leave YouTube?

Maybe… Yes, I think this will be the beginning of an exodus from the YouTube platform.  Will it happen immediately? No.  Will you choose to upload and share your videos elsewhere in the future? Leave a comment below and tell me how you feel.

Where will YouTube Creators go?

Vimeo? Not likely. Since Google controls a majority of search traffic, YouTube will always rank higher in SERPs.  That is, as long as they can lobby their way out of anti-monopoly lawsuits.

There is realistically no viable alternative to YouTube at this moment.  If a group set out to build a similar video platform they would have three choices.

  1. Leverage an Existing Cloud Provider, Such as AWS, Azure, or ah, ah, ah, Google Compute Engine.
    The daily bill from AWS would be in the 10s of millions to deliver a YouTube-like service.
  2. Build out Infrastructure Which would require $,$$$,$$$,$$$ + years
  3. Already Own The Infrastructure Facebook, NetFlix, Amazon, Microsoft

Would we be in better hand if Jeff Bezos ran the dominant video platform of the web?  I would argue, No!

Asking People to Subscribe to your YouTube Channel

In response to an event like this, your reaction may be to hustle for subscribers.  It might seem logical to band together with other small YouTubers to bolster each others subscriber count.  Just be aware that YouTube WILL suspend your account if you start asking for mutual channel subscriptions.  ie sub4sub, followback, isubscribeback.

Don’t do it, it’s not really what you want in the long term.  If you are set on meeting YouTube requirements for monetization just focus all that energy on creating content and have an exit plan from the platform.  How would YouTube react if 10 million YouTube Creators deleted all their uploaded videos in unison in a coordinated #youtubeexodus?

Will you stick around, Will you play the game? Let me know in the comments below.

Just another Small YouTuber


The Next Video Platform, “Build it and they will come…”

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