Dear Microsoft: Stop force feeding me Windows 10

Dear Microsoft: Stop force feeding me Windows 10

Have you been plagued with Windows 10 Upgrade nagware?

Here are the tools to disable windows 10 upgrades

Disclaimer: What you find here is provided as-is and without warranty, use at your own risk.

Open Letter to Microsoft regarding Windows 10

Dear Microsoft:

Please stop force feeding me Windows 10! I am an IT professional and you know that means my plate is full. Your sly and sneaky tactics of forcing Windows 10 onto systems has done nothing but add more work for me.

I understand that forward progress is a great thing and I think the Windows 10 developers have done a great job. I use Windows 10 on 2 of my systems and have a small deployment of Windows 10 to end users as a test pilot. But, back to my problem. Every time I turn around you have reset my Windows Update preferences or marked your Windows 10 nag-ware updates as Important or Critical. Please stop, or give us IT Administrators the controls to suppress this nonsense on our critical business systems.

Microsoft, PLEASE DO...

- Continue to push Windows 10 upon the sheepish masses that currently run your outdated operating systems.

- Upgrade my grandmother's computer without issue so that I don't have to do it and she doesn't call me when YOU break it.

- Provide me the controls to limit telemetry data, keyboard strokes, and other data transmissions back to you when and how I decide. Furthermore, when I set these controls I do not want YOU to override them.

- Understand the diverse nature of when and where your operating system is installed. I do not want to "Reserve My Copy of Windows 10" on the controller head of my $700,000 plasma cutter. I do not want my hospital patient to turn their head and see your upgrade dialog on the screen of the EKG monitor. I do not want my lineman to dismiss your dialog to get back to navigational grid maps in the cab of his 45,000 lb utility truck.

- Listen to your business customers with a different ear than the consumer masses.


Microsoft, PLEASE DONT...

- Continue and try to sneak Windows 10 into my enterprise network. I will upgrade our systems in due process.

- Reset my hidden Windows Updates so that your Windows 10 nag-ware continues to get installed over and over.

- Change the priority of your nag-ware updates to High or Critical so that they reinstall.

- Download Windows 10 in the background and then prompt me that my upgrade is ready to install.

- Force the upgrade without a way to cancel the process.

Dear Fellow IT Person:

I have gathered the following scripts that will aid you in suppressing and removing Microsoft's shady updates and nagging GWX.exe task tray icon. I do not claim to be the author of these scripts but I have done my best to provide attribution. What you find here is provided as-is and without warranty, use at your own risk. I encourage you to examine the scripts before running them. I also encourage you to provide feedback via comments below or any contributions to the collection that would benefit other IT folks.

Just another IT Guy


Now, here are the files, click here to get them in a zip.

win10-noupgrade.reg download

Attribution: Found Here

Disable-GWX.reg download

Attribution: Vishal Gupta for

uninstall-win10-updates.bat download

Attribution: Unknown Author


Download these scripts to block Upgrades to Windows 10

Click here to download the scripts and registry files

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