Hey welcome to the `Updates` section of jcutrer.com!

Hey welcome to the `Updates` section of jcutrer.com!

I’ve created this space so that I can write quickly and not worry about the creation of formal, categorized articles. To start with, updates posted here will not have comments enabled. I may enable comments at some point if I see the value of doing so.

I’ve recently finished some major behind-the-scenes changes to the blog. I’ve moved the entire site to SSL with some help from Cloudflare. I’ve also setup a static files CDN (using the W3TC plugin) to improve PageSpeed.  Disqus comments went out the window and I’m back to standard WordPress Comments.

The website has seen a continued growth in traffic with a noticeable boost right after I switched over to SSL. I can only attribute this boost to Google Search Engine’s bias towards SSL enabled pages. The blog experienced some exception traffic in January-February primarily due to the popularity of this article.

In addition to the MailChimp powered email newsletter I’ve added OneSignal desktop notifications which you can enable by clicking on the red bell in the lower left of any page.

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