Goals for 2019

Goals for 2019

Each new year I take the time to set detailed & challenging goals for myself. Here are my objectives for 2019. Tell me what you think or link to your own 2019 goals in the comments below.


Software Development

  • Complete the #100daysofcode challenge
  • Improve my python programming skills
  • Learn vue.js front-end framework
  • Learn asyncio and create a sanic-based web application
  • Develop a IoT project using
    GPIO sensors, Arduino, and/or Raspberry Pi board

Training & Certifications

Career, Conferences & Speaking

  • Give a technical talk as a conference speaker
  • Attend SpiceWorld 2019 in Austin, Texas
  • Attend two Utility industry specific conferences

Photography & Graphics Design

  • Develop cutrerphoto.com & move all photography content there.
  • Continue to develop my photography portfolio
  • Build a stowable photography studio in my garage
  • (Hopefully) procure the forthcoming Panasonic S1R full-frame camera.

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