Jonathan Cutrer

Jonathan Cutrer

Jonathan Cutrer

Who is Jonathan?

I am an IT Professional and Software Developer from Texas who speaks and writes about a number of subjects you can find here. By title, I’m IT Manager for an Electric Utility in West Texas. My day job and family consume the majority of my time but the rest is spent here writing about subjects that I find interesting. I consider myself an Open Source advocate and my core competencies are in Data Networking, Software development, and Security. I’m also an inventor and have had several patents issued while working for a software startup.


In no particular order my passions are Learning, Photography, Software Development, Information Security, Networking, Travel, The Great Outdoors, Kayaking, Fishing, and my Family.


I’m proud to live in Texas Texas Flag and call it my home. Whenever possible I like to travel, mostly to the Hill Country of Central Texas. I really enjoy the sights and sounds of the big city, Austin, Texas. I find myself attracted to Hill Country rivers and rugged landscapes.  If the destination is a river I will always have a kayak in tow, and not matter where I go I’m always packing one of these.

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