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Synaptics Touchpad stops working after recent Windows 10 updates

Synaptics Touchpad stops working after recent Windows 10 updates

I recently installed the final release version of Windows 10 on an HP Pavilion 15z-n200 laptop. This is a lab machine used for testing application compatibility with Windows 10. I downloaded Windows 10 and created an Installation USB drive using the instructions found here. The installation was successful and everything worked until I installed the 4 recently released Windows Updates (KB3081436, KB3087916, KB3074686, and KB3074678) for Windows 10. The Synaptics Touchpad stopped working and Device Manager was reporting a problem with the Device Driver for “Synaptics PS/2 Port Compatible TouchPad”. The error reported was “The device cannot start. (Code 10)”.

I attempted to Update Driver Software via Windows Update with no luck. Next, I turned to the HP 15z-n200 drivers page. There is currently no Synaptics Touchpad driver listed for Windows 10 but I tried the one for Windows 8.1 (filename: sp64226.exe). When I tried to install the driver it reported that a newer version was already installed.

Next, I turned to the Synaptics website and downloaded their generic driver (filename: Synaptics_v17_0_19_C_XP32_Vista32_Win7-32_XP64_Wion7-64_Acme_Inc.zip) which also resulted in the same “newer version of the driver already installed”.

After some digging I read others were experiencing similar problems with a Toshiba laptop after the Windows Updates. I tried a suggestion to install the Toshiba provided Synaptics Driver (filename: os2013231a_tc00558600b.exe), rebooted, and the Touchpad mouse was working again. Ok, on with the testing!

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