Amazon Associates: Building Affiliate links to Amazon Promo Codes

Amazon Associates: Building Affiliate links to Amazon Promo Codes

Amazon has announced that Amazon Associates (Affiliates) can now monetize promo codes & coupon codes as affiliate links.  When used by shoppers, Amazon Promo Codes typically apply a percent off discount to products. Promo Codes are time-based so you will only want to offer the link while the promo code is still valid.

Generate Promo Code links via the SiteStripe bar

  1. Navigate to the Promo Code page
  2. Click Get Text link from the SiteStripe bar
  3. Right-click and Copy the generated affiliate link

Generate Promo Code links by appending your Associate ID to the url

The above technique gives you access to the shorten (obuscated) url. In certain situations you may want to just append your associate id to the promo url. You can see how the url should be composed by clicking the Full Link option in the previous example.

For Example, the url…
would be monetized with your associate ID as…
where jcutrer-20 is my associate id


Where to Find Promo Codes to Monetize

Amazon says Associates should check this page for current promo codes that you can monetize as affiliate links.  Associates can also work directly with manufacturers and sellers to obtain early access or unique promo codes.

Additional Recommendations

  • Offer Promo Codes to U.S. Customers Only (This feature has not been made available for international AmazonAssociate programs)
  • Communicate ‘limited time offer’ when presenting the promo code and remove expired promo codes in a timely manner.
  • Link to the promo code page (not the product page) as shown above (This will ensure that the discounted price will be displayed correctly)

Read more on the AmazonAssociates website

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  1. How to work directly with manufacturer /seller to obtain acces to unique promo codes? Would be helpful for me

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