Sierra GX450 LTE Modem .•. Essentials Guide

Sierra GX450 LTE Modem .•. Essentials Guide

This a quick reference guide to configuring and troubleshooting the Sierra Wireless GX450 4G/LTE modem.  This rugged little modem/router is perfect for vehicle mounting and is packed with features including Firewall, VPN, 9-pin Serial server, and GPS AVL tracking.

Default Username and Password, IP Address

Username: user
Password: 12345

LAN IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP Server Enabled: Yes

Admin Interface (ACEmanager)

or over SSL:

Default SSH Port: 2332

SSH server is not enabled by default but once enabled the default SSH port is TCP 2332. Telnet can also be enabled using the same port by default. However, you cannot enable both telnet and SSH.

GX450 disable telnet access

  1. Login to ACEmanager and navigate to “Services | Telnet/SSH”
  2. Set “Default Telnet User” to none

GX450 SSH access

  1. Login to ACEmanager and navigate to “Services | Telnet/SSH”
  2. Set “Remote Login Server Mode” to SSH and “Default Telnet User” to none

GX450 Telnet/SSH Settings Screenshot ACEmanager

GX450 Factory Reset Button (Restore Defaults)

With the device powered on, holding the Reset button down for 7–10 seconds to resets the GX Series gateway to its factory default settings. Momentarily press and release the button to reboot the GX Series gateway.

How to restore defaults from ACEmanager web interface

Login to ACEmanager and navigate to “Admin | Advanced” and click the “Reset to Factory Default”

How to upgrade the GX450 firmware (ALEOS Firmware)

Important: Old version of ALEOS Firmware must be upgraded incrementally.  Carefully read the firmware release notes and follow any incremental upgrade notes to avoid bricking your device.

  1. Download the latest firmware from Sierra Wireless’ website and extract the zip file.
  2. Login to ACEmanager and click the red “Software and Firmware” button
    GX450 Firmware Update Button - ACEmanager screenshot
    GX450 Firmware Update Button – ACEmanager screenshot
  3. Tick the “ALEOS Software” radio button, browse to choose the .bin firmware file and click “Update”
    gx450 firmware upgrade progress
  4. After the device is upgraded(2-3 minutes), you will repeat these steps but select “Radio Module Firmware” and feed it the bundled .iso file.

Input Voltage Range of the GX450 Modem

Input Voltage: 9-36 volts DC

The modem has a proprietary 4-pronged power connector which can be purchased as a AC wall-wort or an unterminated DC power wire for connect to a vehicle power source. The unit is rated at a max power consumption level of 1000 mA but average power usage is around ????? or ???? watts. This modem can be configured using 6 different power save settings.

GX450 Low Power Mode Settings - ACEmanager Screenshot
GX450 Low Power Mode Settings – ACEmanager Screenshot

GX450 Mounting Dimensions

AirLink GX450 Mounting Dimensions

What size SIM card does the GX450 use?

The GX450 uses a mini-SIM (or 2FF) card measuring (25 mm x 15 mm).  If you only have a smaller Micro-SIM or Nano-SIM you can purchase a SIM card adapter kit for under $3 here. To access the SIM card slot you must remove the 4 black screws on top of the unit.

GX450 Photos

LED Blink Sequences

Power LED
No power or input voltage ≥ 36 VDC or ≤ 9 VDC
Solid Green
Gateway is connected to nominal power and is operating normally.
Flashing Amber /Green
Gateway has a GPS fix
Solid Amber
Gateway is entering low power mode or system low level boot
Solid Red
Gateway is not operational (failure or in low power mode).
Signal LED
Solid Green
Good signal (RSSI ≥ -85 dBm)
Solid Amber
Marginal signal (-100 dBm < RSSI < -85 dBm)
Solid Red
Poor signal (-110 dBm ≤ RSSI ≤ -100 dBm)
Flashing Red
No signal (RSSI < -110 dBm)



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