JC’s Cybersecurity News & Notes – August 2020

JC’s Cybersecurity News & Notes – August 2020

Hello friend, thank you for tuning into my Cybersecurity News section at jcutrer.com. This section is an experiment. I keep a close eye on the latest developments in Information Security and this is a place for me to take notes and link to notable news, articles, and reports.

Let me know what you think about the content. I will update this article throughout the month with noteworthy InfoSec stories but don’t expect updates every single day. Cheers!

Updated: 8/14/2020

FBI and CISA release analysis of Russian malware Drovorub


Advancing Office 365 Security video from TrustedSec

Garmin coughs up $10 million after falling victim to ransomware attack


CISA, FBI, DoD release iocs for Chinese backdoor RAT named TAIDOOR


KeePassRPC Vulnerablity


Best practice for SQL statements in Python


Thanks for reading Cybersecurity News at jcutrer.com. Did you find this page insightful? Let me know in the comments section below.

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