How to install chocolatey/choco on Windows 10

How to install chocolatey/choco on Windows 10

In this article, I will show you how to install Chocolatey on Windows 10. Chocolatey is an easy-to-use Software Package Manager for Windows similar to apt on ubuntu/debian or brew on OSX.

Steps to Install chocolatey/choco on Windows 10

  1. Click Start and type “powershell
  2. Right-click Windows Powershell and choose “Run as Administrator
  3. Paste the following command into Powershell and press enter.
  4. Answer Yes when prompted
  5. Close and reopen an elevated PowerShell window to start using choco

Choco is now installed and can be used from a PowerShell prompt or a regular command prompt windows to install many different software packages. Whichever one you use, just make sure you run choco from an elevated powershell/command prompt window.

Package Search with choco

choco search [keyword]
You can search the choco repository to see exactly what software chocolatey can install.

Passing in the -v flag will give you more detailed information about each package.
choco search hugo -v

I commonly use choco to install & update Hugo and sometimes Python3. Hugo is a excellent Static Website Generator written Go. Let’s try installing it!

Install software with choco

choco install [packagename]

Upgrade software with choco

choco upgrade [packagename]

Installing choco updates

choco upgrade chocolatey
Choco can also upgrade itself.

List Packages installed by Choco

choco list --local-only

Advanced choco usage examples

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s look at some advanced choco examples.

choco install chrome --yes
The -y, --yes switch will make choco install without asking you any questions. This is useful if you are using choco in a batch file or powershell script.
choco search Git -ev
The -v, --verbose switch will print detailed package information but the search keyword usually matches multiple packages and it all goes flying by.
The -e, --exact flag will narrow down the output to one particular packgae.
choco search Git -ea
Adding the -a, --all switch will list all versions of a specific package.
choco search python --order-by-popularity
The --order-by-popularity switch will sort the search results, most popular packages first.

More Useful Software to Install with choco

Here is a list of useful software that I use, they can all be installed using choco.

  • choco install chrome – Google Chrome Browser
  • choco install git – Git cli Client for Windows
  • choco install github – Official GUI-Based Git Client
  • choco install 7zip – Archive utility to compress/uncompress zip, tar, gz, bzip and other formats.
  • choco install SublimeText3 – An execellent markdown & source code editor.
  • choco install vlc – An open-source media player
  • choco install putty – An open-source SSH client
  • choco install keepass – An open-source Password Manager
  • choco install greenshot – My favorite screenshot utility for Windows
  • choco install – A suite of cli tools for working with and converting images

Thanks for following along, I hope you enjoyed this guide. Installing software on Windows with choco is a breeze. You will never want to go back to the Next, Next, Next, Finish GUI-based software installers.

If you’ve enjoyed this article about Chocolatey, please take a moment to leave a comment below or share it on social media. – JCutrer


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  1. Thanks for this tutorial! I looked at Chocolatey as a way to make sure deployed software was up to date across our enterprise. At that time (maybe 2015?) it was too complicated and I settled for using Ninite instead. This has showed me how simple to use Chocolatey really is and I will definitely keep it in mind for future uses.

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