UBNT AirFiber CLI Commands (AF-5x)

UBNT AirFiber CLI Commands (AF-5x)

Here are all of the commands that you can issue on an Ubiquiti AirFiber Radio from an ssh terminal connection. I found myself always googling and digging through the ubiquiti forum to try and find the command I needed. I compiled all the known AirFiber commands here in one place. Enjoy!

af status – Prints AirFiber radio operational status.

Possible statuses are master-syncing, master-beaconing, master-operational, slave-syncing, slave-registering, slave-operational.

AF06.v4.0.3# af status       

af af – desc
AF06.v4.0.3# af af
       ******* Local Data: *******
                   status: slave-operational
                 rxpower0: -64
                 rxpower1: -64
               rxcapacity: 57835520
                txmodrate: 6x
                 gpspulse: detected
                   dpstat: 100Mbps-Full
                    miles: 8.412
                     feet: 44418
                    rssi0: 71
                    rssi1: 72
                    temp0: 22
                    temp1: 22
      ******* Remote Data: ********
                rrxpower0: -64
                rrxpower1: -64
               txcapacity: 66801920
               rtxmodrate: 6x
                rpowerout: 47
     ******* Local Config: ********
                 powerout: 47
              curpowerout: 47
           conductedpower: 24
            txantennagain: 23
            rxantennagain: 23
                cableloss: 0
                   dfsdom: None
                   rxgain: high
              txfrequency: 5.820000GHz
              rxfrequency: 5.820000GHz
       txchannelbandwidth: 20MHz
       rxchannelbandwidth: 20MHz
                   duplex: half
              framelength: 2.0ms
                dutycycle: 50
               modcontrol: automatic
                    speed: 8x
                      gps: on
                 linkname: MYLINKNAME..................
                      key: 76c5:####:####:####:####:####:####:####
        ******* link Data: ********
                 baseline: 0
                     fade: 0
af signal – Prints radio output power, radio RX power, RSSI, and radio temperature in Celsius
AF06.v4.0.3# af signal
                 powerout: 47
                  rxpower: -64
                     rssi: 71
                    temp0: 21
                    temp1: 21

af log – Print RF link events
AF06.v4.0.3# af log           
0     01/26/18 16:25:03 Ma:Mode   Ev:TMASTER    So:reset       Sn:master     
1     01/26/18 16:25:03 Ma:Master Ev:START      So:reset       Sn:syncing    
2     01/26/18 16:25:03 Ma:DCXO   Ev:START      So:RESET       Sn:WAITCENTER 
3     01/26/18 16:25:05 Ma:DCXO   Ev:TDCXO      So:WAITCENTER  Sn:TRAINED    
4     02/13/18 09:34:51 Ma:Master Ev:TRAINED    So:syncing     Sn:getfreq    
5     02/13/18 09:34:51 GPSINS
6     02/13/18 09:34:52 Ma:Master Ev:DFSFREQ    So:getfreq     Sn:gpssync    
7     02/13/18 09:34:59 Ma:Master Ev:TKEEPALIVE So:gpssync     Sn:beaconing  
8     02/13/18 09:35:10 Ma:Master Ev:REGREQ     So:beaconing   Sn:registering
9     02/13/18 09:35:10 Ma:Master Ev:ENABLEREQ  So:registering Sn:operational
10    02/13/18 09:35:10 output_gige: 0x1 (1)


af emac – Print radio counters, statistics
AF06.v4.0.3# af emac
                    mac_0: 0
                    mac_1: 0
               TxFramesOK: 67977
               RxFramesOK: 91317
            RxFrameCrcErr: 0
               RxAlignErr: 0
               TxOctetsOK: 14208490
               RxOctetsOK: 10407483
            TxPauseFrames: 2
            RxPauseFrames: 0
          RxErroredFrames: 0
          TxErroredFrames: 0
     RxValidUnicastFrames: 88083
   RxValidMulticastFrames: 3017
   RxValidBroadcastFrames: 220
     TxValidUnicastFrames: 67345
   TxValidMulticastFrames: 563
   TxValidBroadcastFrames: 70
    RxDroppedMacErrFrames: 0
            RxTotalOctets: 12056097
            RxTotalFrames: 91322
       RxLess64ByteFrames: 0
       RxOverLengthFrames: 0
          Rx64BytePackets: 10678
      Rx65_127BytePackets: 43234
     Rx128_255BytePackets: 33515
     Rx256_511BytePackets: 3525
    Rx512_1023BytePackets: 370
  Rx1024_1518BytesPackets: 2
    Rx1519PlusBytePackets: 0
     RxTooLongFrameCrcErr: 0
    RxTooShortFrameCrcErr: 0

af get getlist – Print list of variables that can be used with af get|set
AF06.v4.0.3# af get getlist

airfiberbox stat_main
AF06.v4.0.3# airfiberbox stat_main
Invictus Version 0  date: 5/3/2017 
00 1C 23 17 4A CB 
MacRead = 00-1c-23-17-4A-CB
mii reg dump
reg 00:1000
reg 01:7969
reg 02:004D
reg 03:D072
reg 04:11E1
reg 05:5541
reg 06:0005
reg 07:2801
reg 08:0000
reg 09:0200
reg 0A:0000
reg 0B:0000
reg 0C:0000
reg 0D:4003
reg 0E:C038
reg 0F:A000
reg 10:0862
reg 11:7C50
reg 12:2C00
reg 13:0000
reg 14:082C
reg 15:0000
reg 16:07E8
reg 17:0000
reg 18:3200
reg 19:3000
reg 1A:0000
reg 1B:060D
reg 1C:0000
reg 1D:0000
reg 1E:82EE
reg 1D:0005
reg 1E:3D47
reg 1D:0010
reg 1E:0000
reg 1D:0011
reg 1E:7552
reg 1D:0012
reg 1E:4C0C
***  EMAC Statistics Counters ***
            RxFramesOK     47851
         RxFrameCrcErr         0
            RxAlignErr         0
            RxOctetsOK   6112995
         RxPauseFrames         0
       RxErroredFrames         0
  RxValidUnicastFrames     47352
RxValidMulticastFrames       433
RxValidBroadcastFrames        66
 RxDroppedMacErrFrames         0
         RxTotalOctets   6974313
         RxTotalFrames     47851
    RxLess64ByteFrames         0
    RxOverLengthFrames         0
       Rx64BytePackets      3033
   Rx65_127BytePackets     31063
  Rx128_255BytePackets      9756
  Rx256_511BytePackets      3862
 Rx512_1023BytePackets        10
Rx1024_1518BytesPackets      127
 Rx1519PlusBytePackets         0
  RxTooLongFrameCrcErr         0
 RxTooShortFrameCrcErr         0
            TxFramesOK     74326
            TxOctetsOK   9707009
         TxPauseFrames         0
       TxErroredFrames         0
  TxValidUnicastFrames     72142
TxValidMulticastFrames      2084
TxValidBroadcastFrames       100

Bit Error Rates
      QPSK   PortA         77204   7.188030e-04
      QAM16  PortA             0   0.000000e+00
      QAM64  PortA             0   0.000000e+00
      QAM256 PortA             0   0.000000e+00
      QPSK   PortA             0   0.000000e+00
      QAM16  PortB             0   0.000000e+00
      QAM64  PortB             0   0.000000e+00
      QAM256 PortA            51   4.748323e-07
      BER PktCount        104889

ifconfig – Print interface info including IP address

route print – Print Route Table

cat /var/log/messages – Print the Log
AF06.v4.0.3# cat /var/log/messages 
Jan 26 16:24:15 system: Start
Jan 26 16:24:15 syslogd started: BusyBox v1.11.2
Jan 26 16:24:15 init: starting pid 1064, tty '/dev/null': '/sbin/ntpclient -n -s -c 0 -l -h 0.ubnt.pool.ntp.or
Jan 26 16:24:15 init: starting pid 1065, tty '/dev/null': '/bin/lighttpd -D -f /etc/lighttpd.conf'
Jan 26 16:24:15 init: starting pid 1066, tty '/dev/null': '/bin/tinysnmpd /etc/snmp.conf /lib/tinysnmp'
Jan 26 16:24:15 init: starting pid 1067, tty '/dev/null': '/bin/dropbear -F -d /etc/persistent/dropbear_dss_ho
st_key -r /etc/persistent/dropbear_rs
Jan 26 16:24:16 init: starting pid 1068, tty '/dev/null': '/bin/airfiberbox gpsd'
Jan 26 16:24:17 dropbear[1067]: Not backgrounding
Feb 13 08:37:15 dropbear[1088]: Child connection from 10.X.X.XXX:52170
Feb 13 08:37:22 dropbear[1088]: Password auth succeeded for 'ubnt' from 10.X.X.XXX:52170

uname – Print linux kernel version information and hostname
AF06.v4.0.3# uname -a
Linux AF5XRADIONAME 2.6.33 #1 Fri Jan 26 16:24:47 CST 2018 armv5tejl unknown
AF06.v4.0.3# uname -n

13 Replies to “UBNT AirFiber CLI Commands (AF-5x)”

  1. Great list. I’m looking to factory default a unit, but I don’t yet have access to it. I’m assuming af reset will factory default the unit?

    1. Kevin,

      The default configuration file is located at /etc/default.cfg

      Revised 3/8/2018: I have tested this on a AirFiber AF-5X w/ firmware revision 4.0.3.

      Commands to restore default configuration from an ssh console

      AF06.v4.0.3# cat /etc/default.cfg > /tmp/system.cfg
      AF06.v4.0.3# save
      Found  Active on[1] ...
      Found Backup1 on[2] ...
      Storing Active[2] ... [%100]
      Active->Backup[1] ... [%100]
      AF06.v4.0.3# reboot
  2. Thanks a lot
    I need a script on mikrotik that ssh login to an AF and get me the txcapacity for example and print on log or send it to telegram
    any ideas?

  3. Hi,
    I found your commands for AirFiber. I have installed a licensed 11 Gig link and wonder if the commands are the same? I am opening the SSH port 22 and the reply is SSH-2.0-dropbear_0.51
    If I send a command, say “af status” there is no reply. I have password authentication turned off.

      1. I have established a connection using Winsock…If this were the equipment you use, would it be correct to just send the command in plain text as af status….

  4. I see my error, I must use Putty or similar program. However, by connecting to the TelNet server in the AF the commands you provided work for AF-11 although I only tried several of them. thanks for the information

  5. One side of my AF24 connection keeps dropping the Ethernet connection to 100mbps. Been trying to find out how to test for the eth connection speed.

    Thanks! Will ssh in and test against dpstat value and text me if it drops. Hate to be told by the customer that bandwidth is limited by the 100mbps choke.

  6. Is there a way to enable Web Server/HTTPS through CLI. I think it got turned off on a link we manage and now we cant get to it’s GUI.

  7. algun comando para cambiar frecuencia al aifiber 5x hd

    english translation: some command to change frequency to the aifiber 5x hd

  8. Hi There, I’m trying to access airfiber24 over gui but get error below on chrome but not on old versions of IE would it be cert issue on the radio or something on the browser it is just version 3.2 so firmware a little old as well.
    Unsupported protocol
    The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite

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