How to backup config from EdgeSwitch Web GUI

How to backup config from EdgeSwitch Web GUI

The Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch is a Web-based and CLI managed ethernet switch from Ubiquiti Networks. In this article we will walk thought the step to backup and download the switch configuration file from both the Web-GUI and CLI (command-line interface).

EdgeSwitch Web-GUI Config File Export/Backup

  1. Login to the web interface and save any outstanding configuration changes.edgeswitch gui screenshot
  2. Navigate the menu to System | Utilities | Transfer.edgeswitch gui screenshot
  3. Click the HTTP Download button and choose Startup Configuration from the dropdown list.edgeswitch gui screenshot
  4. Finally, click the Begin Transfer button and save the config file to your local computer.edgeswitch gui screenshot

The EdgeSwitch configuration file is a text-based representation of the switches configuration commands, the presented download file “TempConfigScript.scr” should be renamed to better describe the switch you are backing up.

Here is a snippet of the configuration file’s contents

EdgeSwitch CLI Config Backup

You can also obtain the configuration file from the CLI via telnet or SSH. SSH is the preferred method to access your switch’s CLI but is not enabled by default.

  1. Connect to the switch using an SSH client.
  2. Type the enablecommand and reentering the password to enter enable mode.
  3. Type the show run command and press the spacebar several times to dump the config to your terminal. You can copy and paste the config file output into a text editor.

You can also copy the configuration file over the network to a tftp or ftp server. Here is a preview of the command.

Here is an example command to copy the switch’s configuration to a ftp server running on

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