HP LaserJet Printer Telnet Commands

HP LaserJet Printer Telnet Commands

A default out-of-the-box HP network printer has a running telnet server that can be used to configure and control the printer. In this article, we will explore what commands are available and I will also show you how to disable the telnet server on the printer.

HP Printer Telnet Command Reference

Basic Commands to Use

Output the help screen featured above
Output the current printer configuration
Output the current configuration commands in a format that can be pasted back into the terminal
Commit any outstanding config changes to flash memory
reset printer to factory default settings

How to disable telnet on HP Printers

  1. Open the printer’s web configuration interface
  2. Navigate to the Networking | Advanced settings page.
  3. Uncheck Telnet Configuration and click Apply


Finally, reconnect to confirm that telnet is disabled. The printer will still listen on TCP port 23 but you should see a message stating “Telnet is disabled.”

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