Five Mile Dam Park – Blanco River – San Marcos, Texas

Five Mile Dam Park – Blanco River – San Marcos, Texas

A short timelapse compilation of Five Mile Dam on the Blanco River.

Five Mile Dam is located just outside San Marcos, Texas and offers river access and swimming on those Hot Texas Days. This video was recorded on a hot summers day in June 2016.

The Blanco River has been seriously affected by drought in recent years. This portion of the Blanco river at Five Mile Dam completely dried up.

Five Mile Dam During and After Drought by +askjerry

On memorial day 2015, the Blanco River Flood captured national headlines when slow moving rainstorms caused the river to overflow it’s banks. The flooding Blanco left a path of destruction, killing 13, and destroying hundreds of homes in the middle of the night.

Blanco River Flood Damage by +James Stephens

Weather Analysis of the 2015 Blanco River Flood


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