Experience Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Experience Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Looking for things to do in Dallas, Texas? Visit the Perot Museum!

I could probably spend an entire day in this Museum but I only had a couple of hours when I visited. Admission was $20. This video is just a sampling of some of the amazing exhibits.

This video was created using the new Video Remix feature in the Windows 10 Photos app.

Dinosaur Exhibit

Tyrannosaurus Rex at Perot Museum

Gems & Minerals Exhibit

I was very impressed with the collection of gems, minerals, and crystals on display. I couldn’t stop staring.

Gems and Minerals at Perot Museum

Cave of Crystal Giants

Cave of the Crystals Hologram Perot
A miniature replica of the Cave of Crystal Giants in Chihuahua, Mexico complete with a holographic tour guide to give you reference of scale. Mind Blowing!

The Ausrox gold nugget

This 50 lbs beauty is the world’s third largest natural gold nugget.



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