How to install youtube-dl (the easy way)

How to install youtube-dl (the easy way)

youtube-dl is an amazing and useful command line utility to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and more. This articles is about how to install youtube-dl on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.  youtube-dl is written in Python

so it’s also referred to as  or youtube-dl.exe  when compiled on Windows.

youtube-dl depends on ffmpeg or avconv for video transcoding and audio/video merging. We will install ffmpeg in this tutorial since it can be installed via choco on Windows.

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Steps to Install youtube-dl on Windows

  1. Install chocolatey/choco
  2. From a privileged command prompt run
  1. Verify that youtube-dl is installed and check the version.
Install youtube-dl Windows
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Steps to Install youtube-dl on Ubuntu Linux

install youtube-dl ubuntu-linux
youtube-dl can be installed on most Linux distributions using the built-in package manager (apt, yum, etc).

Steps to Install youtube-dl on Mac OSX

Steps to Install youtube-dl using python/pip

This method assumes you already have python and pip installed

Download a YouTube video using youtube-dl

youtube-dl usage example windows

Lets give it a try by downloading a youtube video from the command line.

Here are the video file’s properties and the downloaded video

file properties dialog

download videos with youtube-dl

What sites can youtube-dl download videos from?

Although the name implies that youtube-dl only works for downloading videos from youtube, I was shocked to discover  it supports over 1,000 other websites. Some popular ones include….


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    1. If you are on Windows and you installed it with choco this should help you.

      c:\> where youtube-dl

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