MikroTik Config: cAP Lite Wifi Router w/L2TP VPN & Guest Wifi

MikroTik Config: cAP Lite Wifi Router w/L2TP VPN & Guest Wifi

This is an example configuration file for the MikroTik cAP Lite.  The cAP Lite is a tiny access point device w/ full RouterOS router functionality.  The router features 1 10/100 ethernet interface and can be powered with 5V MicroUSB or any PoE inject 10-60V.

cAP lite Config Diagram – Click to Enlarge

Config Features

  • Wired WAN
  • Wifi LAN
  • Firewall/NAT
  • Isolated Guest Wifi Network
  • L2TP over IPSec Remote Access VPN

Configuration File Home AP+Router w/L2TP VPN & Guest Wifi

Download this File cap-lite-example-config.rsc

Customize Before Use

Before you use the above configuration in your router you will want to change the WiFi SSIDs, Wireless Password, L2TP Shared Secret, PPP username/password.

  • Line 10: Wireless SSID
  • Line 29: Guest Wireless SSID
  • Line 20-21: Wireless Password
  • Line 24-25: Guest Wireless Password
  • Line 54: IPSec Secret (PreShared Key)
  • Line 85: VPN username & password

Configuration Details

  • WAN Interface: ether1 (IP:DHCP Assigned)
  • LAN Interface: bridge (IP:
  • Wifi Interface: wlan1 (SSID: Mikrotik)
  • Guest Wifi Interface: wlan2 (SSID: Mikrotik-Guest)
  • LAN Subnet:
  • DHCP Pool:
  • VPN Pool:


cAP Lite Model Number: RBcAPL-2nD

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