Lantronix EDS2100 Serial Server .•. Essentials Guide

Lantronix EDS2100 Serial Server .•. Essentials Guide

This article was produced as quick reference for the LANTRONIX EDS2100 Serial Server, a 2 port ethernet serial server. The device features to DB9 serial interfaces we flexible configurations including support for secure protocols such as SSHv2.

The EDS2100 is used in a variety of application including automation and industrial control systems such as SCADA. It supports serial tunneling, raw (DNP passthrough), and the MODBUS protocol.


Model Part Number: ED2100002-01
Serial Number Format: 071#####*##***
Unit Part No: 080-413-000-R

Physical Specifications

Serial Ports: 2 DB9 Male Interfaces
Ethernet Port: 10/100 Ethernet
PoE Support: No
Input Voltage: 9-30 VDC
MAX Power Consumption: 1.8 Watts
Average Power Consumption: ??? Watts


Supported Protocols: SSH, telnet, ftp, tftp, email, ldp, snmp, ssl, rss, ppp, modbus, syslog
HTTPS Protocols: SSL3, TLS1.0, TLS 1.1
SSL Certificate Support: Self-Signed, Imported
SSH Authentication: Password, PublicKey
SSH Key Support: RSA Keys, DSA Keys
SSH Key Lengths: 512,768,1024

Default Username & Password

Default username is admin, default password is (uppercase) PASS

Default IP Address & Enabled Services

Default IP: DHCP Assigned
SSH Server: No
Telnet Server: Yes
Web interface: Yes
FTP Server: Yes
TFTP Enable: Yes
SNMP Enable: Yes
Model Numbers

CLI Commands


EDS2100 Device Photos

Web Interface Screenshots

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