Lantronix EDS2100 Serial Server .•. Essentials Guide

Lantronix EDS2100 Serial Server .•. Essentials Guide

This article was produced as quick reference for the LANTRONIX EDS2100 Serial Server, a 2 port ethernet serial server. The device features to DB9 serial interfaces we flexible configurations including support for secure protocols such as SSHv2.

The EDS2100 is used in a variety of application including automation and industrial control systems such as SCADA. It supports serial tunneling, raw (DNP passthrough), and the MODBUS protocol.


Model Part Number: ED2100002-01
Serial Number Format: 071#####*##***
Unit Part No: 080-413-000-R

Physical Specifications

Serial Ports: 2 DB9 Male Interfaces
Ethernet Port: 10/100 Ethernet
PoE Support: No
Input Voltage: 9-30 VDC
MAX Power Consumption: 1.8 Watts
Average Power Consumption: ??? Watts


Supported Protocols: SSH, telnet, ftp, tftp, email, ldp, snmp, ssl, rss, ppp, modbus, syslog
HTTPS Protocols: SSL3, TLS1.0, TLS 1.1
SSL Certificate Support: Self-Signed, Imported
SSH Authentication: Password, PublicKey
SSH Key Support: RSA Keys, DSA Keys
SSH Key Lengths: 512,768,1024

Default Username & Password

Default username is admin, default password is (uppercase) PASS

Default IP Address & Enabled Services

Default IP: DHCP Assigned
SSH Server: No
Telnet Server: Yes
Web interface: Yes
FTP Server: Yes
TFTP Enable: Yes
SNMP Enable: Yes
Model Numbers

CLI Commands


clrscrn                                 enable 
exit                                    ping  
ping                       ping    
show                                    show eds2100 
show history                            trace route  


Product Information:
   Product Type        : Lantronix EDS2100 (EDS2100)
   FW Version / Date   : / Mar 18 2016 (14:54:27)
   Serial Number       : 071#####Y##RYG
   Uptime              : 0 days 00:22:59
   Perm. Config        : saved
Network Status:
   Interface           : eth0
   Link                : Auto 10/100 Mbps Auto Half/Full (100 Mbps Full)
   MAC Address         : 00:80:a3:##:##:##
   Hostname            :  []
   Domain              : DOMAIN.local (DHCP) []
   IP Address          : 172.16.#.###/24 (DHCP) []
   Default Gateway     : 172.16.#.# (DHCP) []
   Primary DNS         : 172.16.#.## (DHCP)
   Secondary DNS       : 172.16.#.## (DHCP)
   MTU                 : 1500  []
Line 1:
   RS232, 9600, None, 8, 1, None
   Tunnel Connect Mode: Disabled, Accept Mode: Waiting
Line 2:
   RS232, 9600, None, 8, 1, None
   Tunnel Connect Mode: Disabled, Accept Mode: Waiting




auto show interfaces                    auto show processes 
clear interfaces counters               clrscrn 
configure                               connect 
connect line                      device 
disable                                 dns 
email                           exit 
filesystem                              kill ssh  
kill telnet                    line  
lpd                                     no clear interfaces counters 
ping                              ping   
ping              ppp  
reload                                  reload factory defaults 
show                                    show eds2100 
show history                            show interfaces 
show ip sockets                         show processes 
show sessions                           ssh 
ssh            ssh    
ssl                                     telnet  
telnet                      trace route  
tunnel                            write 




arp                                     cli 
clrscrn                                 diagnostics 
exit                                    ftp 
host                            http 
icmp                                    if  
ip                                      ip filter 
kill ssh                       kill telnet  
lpd                               modbus 
query port                              rss 
show                                    show history 
smtp                                    snmp 
syslog                                  tcp 
terminal                          terminal network 
tftp                                    udp 



EDS2100 Device Photos

Web Interface Screenshots


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