Experience Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Experience Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Looking for things to do in Dallas, Texas? Visit the Perot Museum!

I could probably spend an entire day in this Museum but I only had a couple of hours when I visited. Admission was $20. This video is just a sampling of some of the amazing exhibits.

This video was created using the new Windows 10 Photos app with the Video Remix.

Dinosour Exhibit

Tyrannosaurus Rex at Perot Museum

Gems & Minerals Exhibit

I was very impressed with the collection of gems, minerals, and crystals on display. I couldn’t stop staring.

Gems and Minerals at Perot Museum

Cave of Crystal Giants

Cave of the Crystals Hologram Perot
A miniture replica of the Cave of Crystal Giants in Chihuahua, Mexico complete with a holographic tour guide to give you reference of scale. Mind Blowing!

The Ausrox gold nugget

This 50 lbs beauty is the world’s third largest natural gold nugget.



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