Photos of June 23rd 2017 Storm Damage – San Angelo, TX

Photos of June 23rd 2017 Storm Damage – San Angelo, TX

On June 23rd, 2017, San Angelo, Texas experienced a severe thunderstorm that I am calling a large microburst event. A large portion of the city experienced 85+ MPH winds that caused widespread damage but a windspeed of 117MPH was recorded in the Lake View area.  Below are a few photos that I snapped of the damage.

Earlier that day, the temperature reached a scorching 108F and the storm developed in the course of 1 hour due to afternoon cooling. The forecast for that day called for clear conditions and a 10% chance of precipitation. The storm began to back build north of San Angelo and looked to be moving north on radar. Once the storm gained enough strength it moved due South and unleashed its energy on San Angelo.

The city and surrounding areas experienced widespread power outages with this storm. AEP North Texas estimated a total of 15,000 residents were without power that evening. The storm also caused damage to larger transmission lines in the area. Power outages lasted through the weekend for some with the total estimated outages still around 5,000 by Saturday afternoon.

One of many trampolines tossed around and relocated by this severe storm.
A metal storage building crushed and relocated to the median of US HWY 87
A leaning transmission pole near Sherwood Way
An 18-Wheeler near Apache Ln that was blown over onto a utility pole which stopped it. from landing on it’s side
Downed power lines along US HWY 87 near Grape Creek
Utility Crews work to rebuild a span of 22 poles snapped by high wind.
Severe Tree Damage in the Southland area
Severe Tree Damage in the Southland area
Tree split in half from high wind
A tree literally split in half by high wind on Harris street near Sherwood Way
Tree Damage in my front yard

Due to the amount of tree damage and broken limbs throughout San Angelo, the city designated three debris drop-off points where residents could take their tree limbs.

The parking lot of San Angelo Stadium was one of three designated debris drop-off locations
San Angelo Residents unload fallen tree limbs
The drive-thru sign was damaged at Wienerschnitzel and the roof was peeled away

Many area businesses sustained damage from the storm including damaged roofs, awnings, and signs. Horizontal rain caused some interior flooding and bricks were even pummeled off a few buildings.

If you live in an area that experiences severe weather checkout my article on The Storm App by Weather Underground.  You may use any of the photos on this page under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

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